QUOIA Therapeutics is happy to offer art therapy to our clients in the Vancouver area. While many programs and practitioners provide talk therapy with the use of artistic activities, QUOIA is happy to have a highly skilled clinician with a Masters in Art Therapy. Only trained individuals, such as those on our team, can practice bona fide art therapy and access its full range of benefits and insights.


Art Therapy is a mental health service provided by a qualified Art Therapist that combines psychotherapy with a client’s visual and verbal expressions and reflections. Art Therapy uses creativity and imagination to facilitate introspection and understanding. Thoughts, feelings and experiences that are otherwise difficult to talk about can be manifested through the use of imagery, colour, shape and a wide variety of art materials. QUOIA art therapy uses modelling clay, watercolours, pens, inks, pencils, oil pastels, photography and digital media.


Art therapy improves self-regulation, executive functioning, stress management and anxiety and at QUOIA, our art therapy services are individualized and adjusted to each client's needs. Through engaging sensory, perceptual, and symbolic communication impulses, art therapy provides an alternative or augmentation to communication through language. In this way, clients who have difficulty speaking their personal truth can give voice to their experiences and express thoughts and feelings. If you’ve been searching for “art therapy near me”, we encourage you to reach out to us at QUOIA Therapeutics. We’d be happy to talk to you about how our art therapy services can benefit you.