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QUOIA has a strong public speaker and training presence in the field of mental and behavioural health. Having provided trainings and workshops for over a decade, QUOIA clinicians have mastered the art of delivering complex psychological and behavioural health concepts in an accessible and meaningful way. We present with only the most updated and current clinical and scientific research and data and pride ourselves in leaving the room feeling educated, empowered, insightful and inspired. We assist people in stretching their understanding of what is possible in human functioning and getting them reconnected to the purpose and meaning that brought them to this human work in the first place. 

QUOIA provides trainings and workshops on a variety of complex and challenging topics listed below. We support clinicians, firms, agencies and organizations with anything they need in the mental or behavioural health realm. Contact us today and we will design a tailored workshop to suit your needs.

Our specialties include:

trauma-informed practice | compassion fatigue support | practice consulting | multi-axial and comorbidities | concurrent disorders | child and youth mental health | attachment trauma | adoption | fostering and public parenting | neurodevelopmental disorders | child welfare | sexual abuse | family preservation | marginalized populations | outreach and crisis services | harm reduction

QUOIA | Benefit from our expertise and develop your practice.

Trainings and Workshops
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