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QUOIA's exclusive partnership with BFC provides services so that our community of athletes, sporting professionals and families are supported in their mental health and wellness as much as their performance.

BFC VIPS will access the following:

  • Priority access to therapists, eliminating wait times

  • Sessions provided in person, or by secured telehealth platform from wherever you are

  • An exclusive rate for all BFC clients

  • Choice of an array of highly specialized, expertized therapists

  • Specialized low-cost program for those experiencing financial barriers

BFC's unique vision for a healthy sporting community has led the way for this connection with QUOIA. Our clinic has long provided specialist and boutique services to Burnaby and the lower mainland, and we are now thrilled to offer speedy, responsive and high quality care to the players, professionals and families in the club. 

Beyond therapeutic services, QUOIA's extensive expertise in clinical consulting will offer exclusive support to he club itself to support their staff, coaches and executives. 

Performance requires a healthy mindset, and QUOIA's mission is to provide that to BFC in this first-of-its-kind partnership. 

Couselling and Therapy
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