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When you realize that your addiction is hurting yourself and others, we encourage you to seek help with us at Quoia Therapeutics. We know that a person is more than their addiction, and that addiction can be more than drugs and alcohol. There are a wide variety of substances and behaviors with the potential to become addiction, many of which are harmless in moderation. 


Each of these addiction types requires a somewhat different approach, which we further modify to best fit the needs of each client. Whatever the strategy, we will support you throughout the treatment process and ensure you have a plan for recovery and relapse prevention. We’ll identify potential triggers for the addiction, develop healthy coping skills and find productive and healthy outlets to replace harmful habits.


If you’ve been searching for “addiction counselling near me”, search no longer. Quoia Therapeutics is here to help. Just reach out to us so we can begin providing the tailored, professional and responsible support and care you deserve.

Addctions Couselling
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