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The Mantra Group


Group Clinical Supervision The Way It Was Intended To Be

Psychotherapy has always been rooted in the unique relationship a therapist and their client creates. Augmented and guided by the clinical wisdom and theoretical orientations of our profession, we nurture growth in the client.

The MANTRA Group nurtures growth in the therapist. Benefitting from the extensive experience and expertise Britta has to offer, that is interwoven with the clinical and interpersonal feedback of your colleagues in the group. MANTRA transcends modality-specific supervision and gets back to the true intention of supervision. Supervision is the intersection of personal and professional growth in the context of this unique profession. MANTRA provides exceptional and unmatched group supervision by focusing on:

1. client functioning - extensive expertise in the areas of mental health and human functioning from a psychologic and biopsychological perspective while integrating the unique social factors present in each client

2. therapeutic approach - transcending modality-specific rote and cookie-cutter techniques and getting back to true practice, Britta helps the therapist tailor their approach to the unique relationship with each client

3. way-of-being - nurturing the identity and impact of the therapist to enhance their clinical practice and truly use the one singular tool of the profession...the self

4. integrative relational learning - tapping into the collective wisdom and support of the differentiated perspectives in the group

The MANTRA Group is available online and accessible by membership. Dates are set out in the calendar year, and tiered membership grants access to some or all scheduled sessions. Membership can be canceled any time. Session dates are set out as follows:

2/7/24 | 4/10/24 | 5/11/24 | 6/12/24 | 8/10/24 | 9/11/24 | 10/19/24 | 11/13/24 | 12/14/24 | 1/15/25

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