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There are many, many reasons to seek out therapy and counselling. Perhaps you feel isolated and alone, or you’re suddenly experiencing mood swings. You might be going through a difficult life change or stuck in a situation you feel you can’t talk to anyone about. You may even be having thoughts of harming yourself or taking drastic measures to disrupt your life. In all these situations and more, we invite you to reach out to us at QUOIA Therapeutics.


Our professional team of therapists and counsellors are educated and experienced in assisting with a broad range of issues and specialties including parenting, stress, relationships, substance abuse, and LGBTQ+ issues. No matter your cultural or economic background, no matter your age, we want to help you improve your psychological health and increase your emotional well-being. Our psychotherapists in Burnaby can help you take these first steps forward.


At QUOIA, we see therapy as a fundamental and valuable experience that supports a key aspect of your health. If you’ve been searching for a therapist near Burnaby, there’s at least a part of you that wants help. Don’t ignore your feelings- reach out to us at QUOIA.

Couselling and Therapy
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