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Whether you are in your practicum, have just started seeing clients or are decades in the field, you may need to seek out Clinical Supervision. At QUOIA Therapeutics, you can access Clinical Supervision with Britta Regan West (MA, RCC, TITC-CT/CFST) and QUOIA’s growing team of other Clinical Supervisors.


With more than fifteen years of experience  in the mental and behavioural health field, Britta has trained and consulted many organizations in Burnaby and Vancouver on various mental and behavioural health topics including trauma-informed practice, compassion fatigue and burnout and systemizing mental health services. She has contributed to the grassroots builds of many meaningful services and improved efficacy and outcomes for various practitioner roles in the field.


Clinical Supervision provides education and perspective on client presentation, gives you feedback and guidance on your approach and, above all, protects public safety and holds up high standards for our profession.


Clinical Supervision Mentorships assist Clinical Supervisors in maintaining their expertise and wisdom and ensures clinicians are being properly supported across the discipline. Clinical Supervisors are able to access Supervision Mentorship with Britta Regan West at QUOIA when they need to access support, gain knowledge or reflect on their approach with their supervisees.


With Britta’s insight, knowledge and experience, you will sharpen your skills and gain the knowledge necessary to responsibly and effectively provide care. Her ongoing feedback is designed to support you and help you grow, and she provides a learning environment where you can collaborate and nurture your professional development.

Couselling and Therapy
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